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3 IMPORTANT things you must know before buying from me

Hi, I am Ludivine, the owner of Imagine Technology.

  • I can speak 4 languages

  • I work very hard

  • Honesty is my motto

  • Languages: French, English, Spanish and German, no language barrier between us. I also have an A-level and a degree in Italian but unfortunately, I cannot speak it anymore because I haven’t practiced it in more than 20 years. I can read and understand it, still. (It just shows you can forget a skill…)

  • I work very hard: nothing in life comes without hard work. I am resilient, I push, shove, scratch and work my butt off for results.

  • Honesty: I never lie, with me you get exactly what it says on the tin and if things go wrong, I don’t look for excuses, I don’t blame other people, I own it 100%.

Get in touch 0161 641 7676

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