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How COVID-19 impacts the memory business

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all rethink the way we work, with many of us now working-at-home. Whilst many people are enjoying the new-found freedoms of this, (and yes, I mean taking all those important phone calls half-asleep in your pyjamas 😊) businesses have started to realise the need for refurbished and preowned IT hardware.

Let’s talk about memory for instance… and that isn’t me talking about when you forgot to take that 2pm Zoom call with a client, this is me talking about the memory your computer, laptop or server can hold.

The Memory Business saw robust demand for cloud applications related to remote working and online education with the impact from Covid-19. There are so many more connections at the moment that there is a huge level of data going across the networks and service providers are responding by adding more memory. And with rising demand comes rising costs, so buying preowned RAM is most definitely the way forward.

The benefits of preowned and refurbished RAM, something which us, here at Imagine Tech are passionate about is invaluable. Because why pay more for something that does the exact same job?

We are a trusted supplier of hardware solutions with extensive experience and excellent sourcing capabilities. We offer, both, used and refurbished ram sticks to make futureproofing your business simple and affordable. We offer IT hardware to meet the requirements of any individual or business. Our products are covered by warranty giving you peace of mind as well as considerable saving.

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